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Devon Eggers is a musician, writer, actor, audio engineer and producer, and safety professional residing near Vancouver, Canada. Born and raised in British Colombia, he has lived in a variety of places across the province, including a log house with no running water or electricity for the first couple years of his life.


Various forms of art captured Devon’s attention early on. He began drawing at a young age, taking after-hours art classes in elementary school. His thirst for reading also started about the same time. At first it was quenched by classic children’s books from his era like Goosebumps, but quickly expanded into richer works like The Hobbit and Jurassic Park. Music quickly followed, and he spent hours sitting near the home stereo listening to his parent’s albums with headphones on.


In junior high Devon discovered playing guitar within the elective program at school. That, and hearing the band Korn for the first time, sent him down a musical path that continues to this day. He took more music classes in high school, became responsible for running the live sound systems at school events, and helped develop a recording course with his music teacher for grade 12. He also spent his work experience with a DJ and live sound company before graduating and moving to Vancouver to complete the recording arts program at the Art Institute (formerly The Center for Digital Imaging and Sound).


Shortly after graduation Devon obtained full-time employment as an in-house engineer at a major Vancouver recording studio, then joined a freelance production team until deciding to leave the industry as a fulltime gig. He continued to record and write music for years as he developed himself as an Electrician and then a Safety Professional. He released his first solo effort as Surface of the Sun in 2011 with the A Dying Star album. This was followed a couple years later by a second solo project, originally called Seven Acres (now rereleased as Devon Eggers), with the EP’s You’ll Never Take Me Away and We Can Save Ourselves.


In 2019 Devon released the Surface of the Sun EP, Panacea. The single, Oblivion, spent approximately four months in the Canadian Radio Rock TOP 40 (peaking at 26), and received and Artist Spotlight by Billboard, which put more fuel in the fire to continue pursuing his passion for making music. He also revisited writing, and released his debut self-published novel, Sky View.


During early 2020, while writing the Surface of the Sun, Dragon single, Devon toyed with the idea of creating his first music video. The idea sparked an old childhood desire to try acting, so, he started evening classes and soon worked on local student and indie projects. Since then he has played a key role in a feature length indie film, completed multiple music videos, was a soldier in a National Geographic series, an acted in a variety of other short films (IMDB page link below).


Devon continues to write the Sky View book series and music for both his solo projects, as well has further develop his skills as an actor. If you have any questions about Devon’s musical services, please feel free to reach him through this page, or at

You can find out more about Surface of the Sun here:

You can find out more about Devon’s work here:

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