Devon Eggers, born in Fort Nelson, British Columbia, first fell in love with reading after being handed The Hobbit by his elementary school librarian. Reading that book gave him a taste for fiction and inspired his first venture into writing short stories. An activity he continued to pursue throughout his schooling.

At the age of fifteen, Devon found his greatest passion – playing and recording music. A love which has guided him for many years.

In college he obtained an Audio Engineering Diploma then worked in major recording studios around Vancouver.

During his years in the music industry, and the other jobs that followed, Devon continued to read, but it wasn’t until April of 2016 while lying in bed, unable to sleep, that the idea for Sky View came into existence. By the following October the story had grown and evolved in his mind, so he decided to start writing. Three months later the first draft of Sky View was complete.

Devon currently works full time as a Senior Safety Advisor for a major electrical utility in Vancouver, British Columbia. During his spare time he writes and records music, provides recording studio training and acoustical consulting services, and spends as much time adventuring outdoors as he can. Devon is currently writing the sequel to Sky View.

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Sky View by Devon R. Eggers

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