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sky view

a novel by devon eggers

Sky View by Devon R. Eggers


Devon Eggers is a BC-area musician, audio engineer, author, and Canadian Registered Safety Professional specializing in incident investigations.

Sky View is his debut novel, soon to be
followed up by its sequel.

Sky View by Devon R. Eggers

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Thirty-something journalist Jake Asher is disheartened; he’s assigned to cover school science fairs instead of cutting-edge stories. His successful best friend, Paul, encourages him to take control of his own life by uncovering a story he actually wants to write, so Jake investigates the scientific genius and billionaire entrepreneur that has inspired him for years. But when his reconnaissance leads him into a mysterious and deadly world of global espionage that threatens the future of the planet, Jake risks his life and his shot at love with Alexa, his enigmatic protector whose skills seem to defy reality, to make his life count.

Sky View is Devon R. Eggers' first book, which is soon to be followed up with a sequel. 


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